There are a world of opportunities (no pun intended) for what you can do ranging from traveling with your family to going to other parts of the world to meet your extended family. Follow us on Twitter or  Subscribe to our Newsletter: For articles, suggestions and resources to plan your a healthy family activity. Some example topics we cover include:

Travel Clubs
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Travel Ideas Before booking your trip, there are some general guidelines you should follow. These include: Make sure you book your trip through a reputable travel agent. Follow some reasonable guidelines on Do a reality check with your family - can you really get along for a week long vacation? If you are staying with relatives, make sure you are not overstaying your welcome.  
Travel Resources There are many resources available that can help you plan your trip. These range from local travel agents, to Meetups and more. But don’t rule out your family for ideas - especially if you are traveling to a part of the world they are more familiar with. newsletters and Twitter updates include:  Recommendations on places to go and things to do when you  get there. Travel program reviews.