Surveys can be a fun and educational way to engage with your family for fun. While Facebook has some survey and polling functionality, We’ve found the Survey functionality from Constanct Contact to be the best. Their platform which is summarized in the following URL,, includes the following functionality: Choice of many templates Ability to send Surveys and Polls via e-mail, Facebook or your own Website Results tracking in real time. Integrated contact list allows you to generate newsletters as well off of the same mailing list. We suggest mixing it up a bit between questions to better understand the family and questions for fun. For example: 1. Are you a lefty or righty? This is not a political question – looking for handedness. 2. What type of work do you do? 3. Where do you live? 4. What languages do you speak? 5. Where were your parents on D-Day? 6. Whats the one TV show you never miss? 7. What job did you have in high school? 8. What book are you reading? 9. Do you play a musical instrument? 10. Describe your ideal weekend? 11. For fun: o Do you believe in unicorns? o Who is your favorite cartoon character? o Do you like pickles? o Would you rather find a four leaf clover or a heads up penny? o If you could have a super power, what would it be? o How many pairs of shoes do you own? o Can you sing? o Can you dance? 12. What is your favorite: o Sport to play or watch? o Team to root for? o Pet/Animal? o Vacation o Music o Recipes

Using Surveys for fun & learning

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