The truest test of character  is to find out which way you will run when, without time for forethought or hesitation, as the toughest obstacles in life present themselves. Many of us read or hear about those less fortunate and wish there was something we can do to help. There are many ways to help others that cross religious, political and cultural beliefs.  Doing these as a group with your family and friends is a great way to have a real impact while also building strong ties and values within the family. Take a case in point  a Family of 8 that traveled cross-country helping others and found the experience gave them a lot more than they expected, including helping kids build a strong work ethic and experience things they would otherwise never been exposed to. Follow us on Twitter or  Subscribe to our Newsletter: For articles, suggestions and resources to help find Charities and fund raising efforts that would meet your needs and interests. These include things you can do individually or as a group with your family, friends and colleagues.

Supporting Your Favorite Causes
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Spotlight:Fund raising and Charities There are so many good causes to help raise money for, it would be doing them a disservice by trying to list them all here. These range from religious organizations, NGOs (such as the Red Cross and United Way) to organizations raising money to find the cure for serious illnesses.
Spotlight: Service Providing service to others is one of the most noble causes one can undertake. This can range from volunteering through a local Church to helping the Red Cross. While doing this,  lets not forget to support and commemorate others who have sacrificed a lot to help others.  This includes first responders during times of crisis and those who served in the military protecting others.