Once you’ve gotten started, you’ll find the following lists of Do’s and Don’ts useful guides to keeping your family engaged.


1. Solicit other family members to participate in discussions on your Facebook Group page (you don’t want this to become a one way conversation where you are the only one providing updates). 2. Send out periodic newsletters and Facebook updates: o Sharing stories and pictures from the family (who fought in WWII, how people ended up in the countries they live in, etc). o Provide updates to the family via your newsletter or Facebook group on major family milestones, such as weddings, births, etc. o Reminding family members to provide updates on the tree, family story or other topics of interest to the family. Aside from major announcements, don’t do this so frequently that people feel as this has become spam. 3. When you send out your newsletters, remember to include the URL for your Facebook group and link to your family website (in the event people have forgotten it since the last newsletter). 4. Respect peoples privacy. If they don’t want to share with you their childrens contact information or won’t join Facebook, thats fine. They can always share Facebook updates or newsletters as they see fit. 5. Periodically check the Facebook group statistics and Constant Contact stats to see who’s reading which posts and newsletters. This can give you a sense of which topics are of the most interest to the family as well as what communication tools work the best.


1. Never discuss politics. As your family contact list grows, you’ll inevitably find family members with very different political views. Be careful to bring these up as it can very easily deteriorate into a family argument on politics. 2. Don’t overwhelm the family with too many newsletters and facebook posts (think spam). 3. Don’t force people to join Facebook if they don’t want to. Some people are just not into it or have concerns about privacy. This is why we often send out e-mail based newsletters via Constant Contact instead of posting everything just to Facebook. Since Constant Contact offers the ability to post your Newsletters to Facebook, you can post it to your Facebook group after you’ve sent it out so that everyone can have access to the latest updates.

Keeping your family engaged...