If your family was impacted by the Holocaust, you may have heard about family members who were in Concentration Camps, but know very little about who they were or what happened to them. The following sites are a good start to try to find people from your family tree who were in Concentration Camps and what happened to them. These sites also provide a lot of information on what life was like in the camps. The best way to use these sites is to use to take the information you find here back to your family. They may be able to fill in some missing pieces, verify information or add to the story based on what you’ve found. Yad Vashem, the Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names is one of the largest Holocaust databases having documented four and a half of the six million Jews who died in Concentration Camps. The Auschwitz museum has an online site which includes history and the ability to search for names of prisoners The US Holocaust Memorial Museum is much more than an on-line database. It provides a tremendous amount of information about the Holocaust along with articles and information on how to confront genocide and antisemitism. Jewish Genealogy Holocaust database

Researching the Holocaust