Doing health and fitness activities as a group is a great way to stay in shape while at the same time connecting with your family. Activities can range from hiking to skiing and can be short as a few hours or be a part of a family vacation. Advantages of doing this as a group include providing more motivation to exercise as well as setting a good example for your children. Studies have shown a connection between the quality of family bonding and future mental health.  Follow us on Twitter or  Subscribe to our Newsletter: For articles, suggestions and resources to plan your a healthy family activity. Some example topics we cover include:

Health & Fitness Clubs
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Hiking Hiking is a fantastic activity to do with your family. Our newsletters include everything from close to home outings to guided back country treks. Have family members in other countries you want to meet or travel with? We cover hiking globally, including in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.  Have an interest in helping the environment? We also offer tips and suggestions for special events such as Earth day and activities you can do with family, friends and your school to help the environment.  
Running Running has become a popular sport in part because you can run on your own schedule for whatever distance or pace you feel comfortable with. Several of us at have run races as long as Marathons (including the Boston Marathon) and Iron Man Triathlons, - so we know a fair amount about running. This is a great activity to do with your family from near or far. Share training tips. Go on runs together. Find running routes in far away places when you go on vacation. If raising money for a charity is something you are interested in - check out the Leukemia Society Team in Training. They have an extremely well organized training program for people who agree to raise money for them while running a race. This includes coaches who will help you train and guaranteed entry into some popular races.  Looking for advice from the expert coaches? We also have a special relationship with the staff at Dream Chasers Outdoor Adventures.