Many people are hesitant to use any social media sites for privacy reasons. This can especially be true when it comes to sharing the type of personal information that is commonly included in family trees (birth dates, addresses, childrens names, contact information, etc). Facebook has an extensive set of privacy controls. Here are some tips to ensuring your privacy is protected when using Facebook: 1. Review your Facebook privacy settings (along with those of your children) by clicking on the following link: . Privacy controls you can set here include a number of topics, including who can see: o Photos and posts you upload to Facebook o Friend List o Likes & Comments o Timeline o Your profile. 2. Make sure your personal information on the page is at most only shared with friends. This information includes: o Your birth date o Contact information (e-mail, phone, address) o Family members names, especially if you have young children. 3. If your kids are on Facebook, be sure to check their privacy settings (log in as them and go to the Privacy settings tab: Facebooks Parental Controls). This includes the ability to control who can see their posts, who can contact them and who can look them up. 4. When using a Facebook group with your family: o Make sure you know what the the privacy settings are before you post anything. If its set to a public group, anyone can post to it and anyone can join it. o For Closed Groups and Secret Groups, ensure the group administrator is verifying people are who they say they are before they join the group (i.e. they are family members) and are actively monitoring the activity on the group page to ensure there is no inappropriate behavior.

Protecting your privacy on Facebook