There are limitations with the traditional family trees as they only allow you to show how people are related. These don’t allow you to fully share your family story or provide answers to questions your family might have: How did your family end up living in the city or country they are in now? What hobbies do your family members enjoy? Anyone share a interest in one of my hobbies? Who served in the military and where did they serve? What was their experience like? What were family members experiences during major world events - World War I, the Holocaust? Finding answers to some of these questions may involve some research, including asking questions of family members. Follow us on Twitter or Subscribe to our Newsletter For articles, suggestions and resources to help extend your family tree. This includes: Suggestions on what software to use to document your tree and to help with translating documents. Tips on how to use major genealogy sites, including, and Searching for more information on a specific region or religion How to find out more information on your families military history and experience. Where to go to find out who were in Concentration Camps and what became of them.