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As your family tree grows, go beyond sharing a simple family tree. Now its time to engage your family, develop common interests and  get to know each other better. A great way to get to know your extended family is to identify areas of common interest and plan activities around them. Form a Club. These can be informal one time events or more structured regular activities. The key is to find common interests or hobbies and start interacting with your newly found extended family. Some popular areas include: Fitness (running, Soccer, Baseball) Travel, including tips for visiting where the family came from Outdoor activities (Hiking,Skiing, swimming) Fund raising & Charities Pen Pals (using an on-line tool or the old fashion way - snail mail), especially for younger kids or people who want to learn a new language and practice using it with native speakers from the extended family. Cooking, reading (think book club), theater and many other topics.   There are a number of great online tools you can use to support your family club. These include Facebook groups, which you can use as a discussion board and share pictures. You can also Constant Contact to send newsletters to the family. Below are some more in depth discussions on a few of these topics.

Travel Clubs

Their are a world of opportunities (no pun intended) for what you can do ranging from traveling with your family to going to other parts of the world to meet your extended family.

Outdoor Activities,

Health & Fitness Clubs

Health & Fitness activities are a great way to stay in shape while at the same time connecting with your family.

Social Causes

There are many ways to help others that cross religious, political and cultural beliefs.  Doing these as a group with your family and friends is a great way to have a real impact. Included here are just a few ways.  
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