Ancestry Tourism, also known as Heritage Tourism or Roots Tourism, has really become a big thing in recent years. This is a great way to become truly immersed and connected with the culture, language and area your family came from. To help you with some ideas and details for planning your trip, we found a number of resources to aid in the planning of your trip. As the Fodor’s guide points out, one key part of your trip would be to hook up in advance with local tour operators who specialize in Ancestry Tours. They can help you plan your trip by doing some research on your family in advance so that they can tailor the trip to your interests and needs. Countries and organizations that have well established Genealogy resources and tours include: Ireland: There are a number of established tour operators that can help you with your trip. These include: Celtic Quest and My Ireland Tours. Scotland: has a number of resources, statistics and advice. So does and on twitter @tourscotland. Eastern Europe: Having help on your trip can be invaluable - especially if you don’t speak one of the many languages spoken in this area. Jewish Heritage Travel is a program affiliated with the Museum of Jewish Heritage. They organize and lead Jewish oriented educational travel programs that explore Jewish history and culture at important sites of interest in Israel, England, Morocco, Cuba and elsewhere. Birthright Israel is a non-profit educational organization that offers free trips to Israel for young Jewish adults ages 18-26. As they say, this is much more than a free trip to Israel. Activities include traditional tours, study abroad programs (where you can earn college credit), team building / sports activities, exposure to Israel’s unique arts and culture. Birthright Armenia This is a non-profit dedicated to strengthening ties between Armenia and families of Armenian descent or live outside Armenia. United States: Family Tree Magazine recently devoted an article on Genealogy Tourism focusing on the US, including some tour operators that will help you with your trip and research. Salt Lake City has become a popular place to visit for people interested in their ancestry. This is in large part due to the Family History Library being located there. For families that have traced back their family tree many generations in the US, other popular places to travel to include historic sites on the east coast that date back to the revolutionary war and civil war.

Ancestry Tourism