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Engage, Enrich, Educate

Our motto is Engage, Enrich, Educate for a reason. We feel its not just about how you are related to your extended family, its also about interacting  with them in a way that you can get to know each other better. Throughout CousinsClub.org, you’ll find tools, articles & strategies you can use to: Engage: As your family tree grows, take it to the next level and do more than share a simple family tree. Make this a 2 way conversation where you develop common interests, share stories, photos and interact with other family members. Enrich: Go beyond what you can do in a traditional family tree where all you can do is show how people are related. Build your family story and share it with the rest of the family. Educate: As you accumulate information - you’ll need a place to document it in a way that you can share with your family.  

The Cousins Club

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